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Free Resources to Add to Your Toolkit


Picture-Thinking Graphic Organizer for Next Generation Science K-8

Engage students in a thoughtfully structured reflection, with KnowAtom's Picture Thinking Routine.

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Instructional Frames for Next Generation Science K-8

Try these free instructional frames for better next generation science instruction.

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Propel Learning by Creating an Environment That Fosters Curious and Confident Thinking

This 45-minute webinar will focus on helping teachers shift the cognitive load to their students by...

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Facilitating Productive Discussions: The Key to Developing a Robust Plan for Unfinished Learning

This 45-minute webinar will focus on helping teachers to formulate a plan to address unfinished...

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How to Maintain a Rigorous and Student-Centered Remote Science Learning Environment

We will show you how the KnowAtom resources you have can be tailored to your student’s environment...

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How to Use Professional Development to Successfully Implement NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards require that huge cultural shifts in STEM education take...

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Addressing Teacher & Leader Professional Development Pitfalls in the New Science Standards

Switching to the Next Generation Science Standards can be a transformative or ineffective...

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