Explanation Game Thinking Routine Anchor Chart and Graphic Organizer

Download Anchor Chart & Graphic Organizer (They're Free)

Are your students struggling to craft evidence-based explanations?

Discover how to use the Explanation Game thinking routine to raise the quality of your student’s explanations and thinking.

These free Explanation Game resources encourage students to build the habit of using reasoning and evidence as a way of learning. 

Displaying this anchor chart and using the graphic organizer as a discussion tool or a place where students can capture their thoughts will push your students’ thinking as they move beyond first assumptions and build their capacity to reason with evidence! 

What you get:  

You’ll receive a free Explanation Game Thinking Routine Anchor Chart and Graphic Organizer to try in your classroom.    

Want to learn more about Key Thinking Moves?   

Check out our professional development workshop recording to learn more about:  

  • how each thinking move supports the development of student understanding  
  • how to embed Thinking Moves into your classroom routines.