How to Create a Culture of Thinking in the K-8 Science Classroom


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This 45-minute webinar focuses on key steps for developing a culture of thinking in a phenomena-driven science classroom.

During our time together, we'll discuss the 8 "Thinking Moves"* students must develop on their way to mastery of the new standards:

The 8 “Thinking Moves”* are:

  1. Observing closely and describing what’s there
  2. Building explanations and interpretations
  3. Reasoning with evidence
  4. Making connections
  5. Considering different viewpoints and perspectives
  6. Capturing the heart and forming conclusions
  7. Wondering and asking questions
  8. Uncovering complexity and going below the surface of things

We’ll explore:

  • Why we ask students to "think"
  • How visibility of student thinking plays a key role in mastery of the new science standards
  • What's necessary in science (and STEM) classrooms to develop the 8 thinking moves

We'll share practical tips and tools your leadership and classroom teachers can use now, including resources from KnowAtom and the National Research Council to create a productive classroom culture for mastery of the new science standards.

*This webinar builds on the 8 "Thinking Moves" discussed in the book "Making Thinking Visible" by Karin Morrison, Mark Church, and Ron Richhart.


Webinar Details

Who should join us: 
K-8 teacher leaders, principals, curriculum coordinators, school and district administrators and academic support personnel


Francis Vigeant, teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC.