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Resources and curriculum—even the best and most complete—don’t work in a vacuum. That’s why KnowAtom’s comprehensive STEM instruction, resources and hands-on science materials aren’t the only things from which teachers and schools benefit. We also offer personalized professional development workshops that get everyone in your school communicating—and speaking the same language. 

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We’re here to help you understand and implement all the pieces of the Next Generation Science Standards. Moreover, we’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your STEM teaching experience, and our resources.

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KnowAtom Workshops

Next Generation Science Standards in Elementary & Middle School

Next Generation Science Standards present a new challenge to educators who are used to state standards. Learn how to incorporate the three dimensions into your classroom instruction. 

Teaching Science & Engineering Practices K-12

Explore how real scientists and engineers use specific practices to guide them from a question or problem to an answer or solution. Experience how to bring these practices to your classroom.

Managing STEM for #K-12 Administrators

Identify what effective STEM instruction looks like in the classroom. Learn to support higher order inquiry environments that build student mastery through hands-on engagement and higher order thinking. 

Earth & Space Sciences

Go beyond rocks and minerals to recognize the interconnected systems that shape our planet and the universe. Apply this big-picture approach to explain natural phenomena, from the patterns of the moon cycle to the effects of weathering and erosion on Earth’s surface.

Life Sciences

Broaden the traditional emphasis on life cycles by focusing on the interactions among the many systems that work together to sustain life on Earth. Learn how energy and matter connect living things to their environment and each other.

Physical Sciences

Discover how energy and matter form the foundation for all science by providing the "why" and "how" for Earth, Space, and Life Sciences. Learn how to build these connections with your sutdents throughout the year and across domains.

Engineering, Technology & Applications of Science

Master the STEM cycle by applying scientific knowledge to develop prototype technologies using the engineering design process. Learn how this interdependent cycle shapes society and the pace of innovation.

STEM Workforce Development: Bridges to the K-12 Classroom

Extend students' STEM education beyond the classroom. Master developing community STEM resources that classrooms want and need. Learn how to collaborate with educators and help students identify with your STEM focus.

Philanthropy: Funding Sustainable STEM Education Improvements

Learn how to overcome common barriers to high quality STEM instruction. Develop a working knowledge of student and resource readiness levels. Discover how to coach applicants and improve the quality of project proposals to maximize the impact per student dollar spent. 

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