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Review Finds Big Impact on Teaching & Learning With KnowAtom Curriculum for NGSS

Posted by KnowAtom Media on Jun 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM

KnowAtom partnership brings transformational curriculum and professional development to K-8 classrooms

SALEM, Mass., June 14, 2021 ( - Bringing science to life with KnowAtom in a phenomena-based approach to hands-on science and engineering transforms both teachers and their students.

When KnowAtom partners with elementary and middle school science classrooms, the encouraging results include improved test scores, student engagement and a shift in beliefs about teaching and learning. A recent post about research out of Northeastern University reveals how new science curriculum can shift the learning process in a positive direction.

Next Generation Science Standards and the NGSS framework encourage investigation as the model of instruction for K-12 students and problem-solving, rather than rote memorization and fact-based lectures.

The standards give teachers permission to engage students in more authentic learning and give students multiple ways to master the skills and knowledge necessary to figuring out the world around them. KnowAtom developed its NGSS K-8 STEM curriculum to help teachers adapt their practices to the changes in science standards and offer students more authentic opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Professional Development for Teachers Using Elementary Next Generation Science Standards

"When teachers and students recognize that science has a genuine connection to other subjects and the world around them, they enjoy more of those 'aha' moments that make science so magical," said KnowAtom CEO and founder Francis Vigeant. "We are thrilled to support thousands of science classrooms across the country with curriculum and professional development that pushes thinking to the forefront, sparks exciting questions, and improving learning outcomes."

Teachers are recognizing that they can serve as facilitators of learning while holding all students to the same high standards for NGSS mastery with a focus on critical thinking skills, naturally differentiated learning, and the encouragement of authentic ideas and experimentation.

Researchers have found key shifts in teacher attitudes and beliefs through KnowAtom professional development, in conjunction with KnowAtom curriculum, has led to more student collaboration, better classroom behavior, increased academic vocabulary and, notably, improved state standardized test scores.

The recent research on professional development and updated science curriculum was highlighted in "The Effects of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on Teaching Practices: An Instrumental Case Study" to Northeastern University by Dr. Tracy L Waters.

About KnowAtom: KnowAtom makes next-generation phenomena-based science possible in every K-8 classroom. We provide a complete NGSS-designed solution for mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards: grade-specific curriculum, integrated hands-on materials and targeted professional development. Our research-based, classroom-tested tools and techniques bring students' own thinking to life with hands-on materials and technology.

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