Watch: STEM Squared Summit Guest Innovator: Lewis Athanas

She gave me permission to use my brain and think.

— Lewis Athanas



key takeaways

What You'll Learn:

  • His precocious early beginnings in elementary school
  • How a few good teachers shaped his passions into his vocation
  • How he almost set his dorm on fire by keeping a scientific experiment under his bed

About The Speaker


Lewis Athanas

Founder and Audio Engineer Athanas Acoustic Devices

Audio technology innovator Lewis Athanas spoke at the STEM² Summit about his adventures and misadventures throughout his education and how they eventually guided him to pursue a career in audio and noise-cancelling technology.

Lewis's first successful project was an Edison Tin Foil Cylinder recorder/player, built at the age of eight in the fourth grade. He has some forty mass produced products to his credit, and a handful of patents on which several companies have been founded.

Mrs. Condry understood something about how my mind process works. What happened was that she realized I liked to make connections. ... That's what I got from Mrs. Condry. It was really pretty neat. She gave me permission to use my brain and think.

— Lewis Athanas