How Next Gen Science Really Works: Setting up for Claim, Evidence and Reasoning




Shift instruction away from "doing" science toward BEING (student) scientists & engineers!

In the context of next generation science and engineering standards, students can't make claims, have evidence, or provide reasoning without first identifying the questions or problems we're trying to solve.

Learn how to tweak claim, evidence, and reasoning models from ELA to be more successful in next generation science curriculum.

What we cover:

  1. How to differentiate between science and engineering

  2. How to connect the practices of science and engineering with process to solve problems and answer questions

  3. How evidence statements balance student performance expectations and give clues to next generation curriculum alignment

You’ll leave with free tools and strategies, and a new understanding of how STEM learning is changing—and changing students’ engagement with science and mathematics.

Webinar Details

Who should watch: 
Administrative Leaders, Principal Leaders, and Teacher Leaders

Presenter Information:
Francis Vigeant

Francis Vigeant, Co-founder - Teacher - CEO of KnowAtom

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