New Science Standards Challenge Grit and Rigor

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Will grit be the greatest predictor of student and teacher success in the new science standards?

Learn how the new science standards represent a big picture approach to science curriculum and instruction that will challenge classroom rigor.

Learn what it means to be ‘gritty’ and why success favors the supportive demanding coach, not the authoritarian sage in a next generation classroom.

Join us for this free, 1-hour discussion of Angela Duckworth’s research on Grit and its implications for the K-12 science classroom under next generation science standards.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. How science and engineering practices engage a new definition of rigor.
  2. Redesigning science tasks to motivate and invest students in their own learning.
  3. Ways to develop grit and rigor in your science team (or classroom).

Webinar Details

Who should watch: 
Administrative Leaders, Principal Leaders, and Teacher Leaders

Presenter Information:

Francis Vigeant, Co-founder - Teacher - CEO of KnowAtom

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