WATCH: Where Art Connects to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand. There's no question about it. As members of society, we have a responsibility to leave the next generation better off than we found it, and I think we run the risk of losing that capacity by homogenizing and standardizing.

— Dr. Stephen Immerman



key takeaways

What You'll Learn:

  • Beyond aesthetics: What is art?
  • Why STEM educators are welcoming art and calling it "STEAM"
  • How art education can leverage science and engineering practices
  • Where you can get involved in the national movement from STEM to STEAM

About The Speaker


Dr. Stephen Immerman

President, Montserrat College of Art

What is art's connection to scientific and engineering practices? Join us as we discuss the connection of art to science, technology, engineering and math in K-12 classrooms with our special guest Dr. Stephen Immerman, president of Montserrat College of Art. After 30 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and 7 years as president of Montserrat College of Art, Dr. Immerman shares his unique perspective on the intersection between arts and sciences, and how the intersection can play out for K-12.

It's important to keep looking. It's important to keep open, and keep experiencing, and keep learning, so that the quality of the experience continues to evolve and enrich over time, and to not just assume that you know, but to keep looking and to keep trying to find meaning.

— Dr. Stephen Immerman