7 Principles of Effective Next Generation Science Implementation


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What's unique about implementing science and engineering curriculum under these new standards?

There are seven key elements for successful implementation with the Next Generation Science (and engineering) Standards that every K-8 teacher and administrator should know.

We'll discuss how to:

  • Create coherence across buildings, grades, and components of curriculum.
  • Re-imagine professional support at the district and school level.
  • Establish better collaboration, networking, and partnerships.
  • Tackle hidden curriculum equity issues.
  • Make internal communication and learning walks regular and relevant.
  • What makes implementing the new science and engineering standards unique?
  • What's required to implement the changes successfully in grades K-8?


Webinar Details

Who Should Attend: 
K-8 teacher leaders, school and district administrators, academic support personnel, and parent and community leaders

Francis Vigeant

Francis Vigeant, teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC