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Research-Based Science Curriculum Improves Outcomes for Students and Teachers

Posted by KnowAtom Media on Jun 7, 2021 9:05:00 AM

SALEM, Mass., June 7, 2021 ( - When science curriculum integrates research-based methods and teacher partnerships, it creates a clear path for putting ideas into action in the classroom and improving overall outcomes. KnowAtom, curriculum designed for the Next Generation Science Standards, delivers a shared platform for best practices that goes beyond a product into a partnership for next-generation teaching practices.

Professional development for teachers produces big results on NGSS

Recent research on KnowAtom's professional development and NGSS-designed science curriculum was highlighted in "The Effects of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on Teaching Practices: An Instrumental Case Study" presented to Northeastern University by Dr. Tracy L. Waters.

The research noted by designing for Next Generation Science Standards, KnowAtom gives teachers the information and resources they need to adopt more open-ended, inquiry-based science practices into their everyday instructional practices. The new science standards require a learner-centered approach where teachers and learners partner to create new ideas, and the KnowAtom approach supports this critical connection.

"At KnowAtom, we are equally passionate about education and science, and have always focused on creating lasting partnerships, rather than promoting a product," said KnowAtom CEO and founder Francis Vigeant. "We are pleased that independent recent research shows how valuable our partnership and professional development is in K-8 science education; we're dedicated to helping teachers transform everyday practice into greater student impact."

A recent KnowAtom blog post explains how schools can achieve better results with research-based science curriculum. In particular, Next Generation Science Standards promote investigation over rote memorization as well as in-house peer education and ongoing professional development. According to research, bringing together teachers, administrators, and curriculum and professional development providers contributes to genuine changes and innovations in science education as well as improved test scores and classroom behavior.

About KnowAtom: KnowAtom makes next-generation phenomena-based science possible in every K-8 classroom. We provide a complete NGSS-designed solution for mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards: grade-specific curriculum, integrated hands-on materials and targeted professional development. Our research-based, classroom-tested tools and techniques bring students' own thinking to life with hands-on materials and technology.

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