On-Demand Webinar Series:

How Not to Be Fooled by Less-than Mastery Level Learning

How Not to Be Fooled by Less-than Mastery Level Learning

Webinar Overview:

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    30 Minute On-Demand Webinar

What we’ll learn:

  • How to Unpack Mastery in the Classroom
  • Comparing and Contrasting Different Types of Learning Opportunities for Mastery  
  • Tools to Find What's Broken at the Intersection of Mastery, Identity, and Creativity 

Join us if you'd like to unlock student mastery by finding and fixing things that may have broken in your curriculum or instructional practice. This 30-minute session is part of our free continuing education series. 

We'll focus on tips and techniques that elementary and middle school teachers can use to find what's broken and make mastery possible with the NGSS standards and K-8 science curriculum.  

Looking for K-8 Science PDPs or NGSS Science CEUs? Participants can request a free participation certificate for their portfolio. 

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Hear what teachers, parents and students are saying:

As a parent, I am confident that my children are being taught the best curriculum, and I like that I don’t have to "park" my kid in front of a computer.

1st Grade Parent

Students transform from students to scientists. They love it because they're involved hands-on in what they're learning.

3rd Grade Science Teacher

KnowAtom teaches me about things I never knew about and it teaches me in an interesting way.

6th Grade Student

Who Should Attend:


Teachers, Principals & Curriculum Advisors


Teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC

Francis’ classroom regularly placed in the top 10 in the nation for science standardized testing.