Designing Science Class for a Growth Mindset

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How can we stop setting our science students up to crave validation and avoid challenge?

Join us for this free 1-hour discussion of Carol Dweck’s research on Mindset and its implications for classrooms implementing the next generation science standards in K-12.

We’ll discuss the authentic focus of these performance standards which challenge students (and some teachers) who just want to get “the right answer.” Discover the ways we can use a new definition of rigor to enhance the reward of hands-on science and engineering, focusing and investing students in their own learning.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. The difference between a growth and a fixed mindset
  2.  How to use the power of effort and challenge to engage students in science and engineering practices
  3. How higher order teaching leads to the development of higher order thinking skills

Webinar Details

Who should watch: 
Administrative Leaders, Principal Leaders, and Teacher Leaders

Presenter Information:

Francis Vigeant, Co-founder - Teacher - CEO of KnowAtom

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