Are you teaching or schooling? Shifting next generation science instruction to the way children learn.


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Next generation science instructionThis 45-minute webinar focuses on shifting classroom pedagogy and curriculum from a traditional model to a next generation model using what we know about how children learn from current neuroscience research and successful 3-dimensional K-8 science learning environments.

We’ll explore:

  • Why facts out of context confuse the brain and stifle learning
  • How new science standards changed the value of a teaching "task"
  • What changes are necessary to curriculum and instruction to enable a next generation learning environment

During this time, we'll use the research of Dr. Richard Elmore, Dr. John Hattie, Dr. Ron Ritchhart, and others to piece together how children learn in comparison to common models of science instruction.

We'll share practical tips and tools your leadership and classroom teachers can use now.

Webinar Details

Who should join us:  K-8 teacher leaders, principals, curriculum coordinators, school and district administrators, and academic support personnel

Francis Vigeant

Francis Vigeant, teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC