Understanding Your Teaching Team Culture: Shifting the Team Focus
From ‘I’ to ‘we’

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Team Strategy for Next Generation Science - Live Webinar

Spend an hour learning about vital social research out of Harvard and Stanford that will help maximize your team's culture and change the way your school and district teams function as you implement new science standards.

Understanding Your Teaching Team Culture

By watching this webinar, you'll learn:

  • A new view on how and why your team functions as it does.

  • A clear path for improving the way your team functions in all content areas.

  • How this research can inform new science standards implementation strategy.

We’ll also reflect on overcoming common challenges schools  face and demonstrate simple ways to build team self-awareness that shifts teaching and learning from a focus on 'I' to a focus on 'we.' 

If you're a fan of Carol Dweck's Mindset, you'll love this webinar and find its connection to other research fascinating!

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Who should attend: 
Administrative Leaders, Principal Leaders, and Teacher Leaders

Presenter Information:

Francis Vigeant, Co-founder - Teacher - CEO of KnowAtom