On-Demand Webinar Series:

Making Learning Personally Meaningful by Engaging Student Creativity

Making Learning Personally Meaningful by Engaging Student Creativity

Webinar Overview:

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    30 Minute On-Demand Webinar

What we’ll learn:

  • What Academic Creativity Looks Like and the Disguises it Often Wears 
  • Exploring the Connection Between Creativity, Identity, and Mastery 
  • Structuring Learning Opportunities for Student Creativity 

Join us if you'd like to create more meaningful learning opportunities in your classroom by engaging student creativity. This 30-minute session is part of our free continuing education series. 

We'll focus our discussion on unpacking student creativity as a lever for deeper learning with the NGSS standards and K-8 science curriculum.  

Looking for K-8 Science PDPs or NGSS Science CEUs? Participants can request a free participation certificate for their portfolio. 

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Hear what teachers, parents and students are saying:

As a parent, I am confident that my children are being taught the best curriculum, and I like that I don’t have to "park" my kid in front of a computer.

1st Grade Parent

Students transform from students to scientists. They love it because they're involved hands-on in what they're learning.

3rd Grade Science Teacher

KnowAtom teaches me about things I never knew about and it teaches me in an interesting way.

6th Grade Student

Who Should Attend:


Teachers, Principals & Curriculum Advisors


Teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC

Francis’ classroom regularly placed in the top 10 in the nation for science standardized testing.