Asking better questions: The key to deeper, more engaged, more authentic science instruction


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Webinar: Asking Better Science QuestionsThis 45-minute webinar focuses on helping teachers and instructional leaders understand how to skillfully shift the cognitive load to students through better questioning in the NGSS classroom.

We'll help you recognize 5 categories of questions common to the K-8 science classroom and how to create your own questions that deepen student learning.

We’ll explore:

  • Why not all questions deepen understanding
  • How skillful questioning develops conceptual understanding
  • What you can do to ask questions that get students thinking and learning

We'll share practical tips and tools your leadership and classroom teachers can use now.

Webinar Details

Who should watch: K-8 teacher leaders, principals, curriculum coordinators, school and district administrators, and academic support personnel

Francis Vigeant

Francis Vigeant, teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC