Why Focus on School Climate and Tribal Leadership with the Next Generation Science Standards?

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KA_LP_TribalLeadershipWho should read this eBook:

  • K-8 teacher leaders
  • School and district administrators 

The goal of this eBook is to take the research laid out in the book ‘‘Tribal Leadership’’ and to apply it to K-12 classrooms that are in the process of implementing the next generation of science standards for their state.

Understanding how groups of people form tribes, how those tribes determine the culture of a school building, and how to move tribes to higher ground will go a long way in helping school leaders—from district administrators to principals and teacher leaders—to think about what tribe their school is, and how they can move their tribe to the next stage to more effectively implement the new standards.

In this eBook we’ll cover four related topics:

  • How tribes emerge within a school
  • How to communicate within and between tribes
  • How to use intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation
  • How to lead your tribe to higher ground

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