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Socratic Dialogue Sentence Starters

Socratic Dialogue Sentence Starters

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By completing this form, you’ll receive nine types of Socratic Dialogue Sentence Starters to use in your K-8 classroom. A great student resource for scientist circles and Socratic seminars! 

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These free Socratic Dialog Sentence Starters help students communicate their ideas and deepen their understanding. As Socratic Dialogue sentence frames, they help students use evidence to support their views, ask higher-order questions, build on others’ ideas, and more.

Utilizing these sentence starters routinely helps students use these practices to engage in meaningful evidence based reasoning and scientific dialogue

Read more to learn how to facilitate these starter prompts in the classroom.

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As a parent, I am confident that my children are being taught the best curriculum, and I like that I don’t have to "park" my kid in front of a computer.

1st Grade Parent

Students transform from students to scientists. They love it because they're involved hands-on in what they're learning.

3rd Grade Science Teacher

KnowAtom teaches me about things I never knew about and it teaches me in an interesting way.

6th Grade Student