Bring Success Into Focus In A Next Generation Inquiry Environment

KnowAtom’s fully developed curriculum package mirrors the vision of NGSS instruction in three dimensions.
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STEM Curriculum
Complete STEM Curriculum

Complete Curriculum

KnowAtom’s curriculum launches students on a yearlong process of hands-on discovery in three dimensions. The lessons build a big-picture narrative of what science and engineering are and use storylines to bring the content to life in scenarios where students investigate phenomena and design solutions to problems.

STEM Lab Student

Learning Progressions

NGSS-designed, grade-specific, K-8 learning progressions

Next Gen Assessments

Integrated formative and summative assessments

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on lessons where students experience phenomena and design challenges themselves

Grade-Level Reading

Nonfiction reading certified at grade level by The Lexile® Framework for Reading 

State-Specific Versions

Versions for NGSS-adoptive and adaptive states

Yearlong Curriculum

Full year of scaffolding units that are always up to date*

Digital Resources

Online access and digital visuals, tools, and videos that support teachers in their instruction 

Technology Integration

Optional integration of student resources with many learning management systems including Google Classroom

Research-Based Design

Integrated curriculum approach recommended by the National Research Council
Targeted Professional Development

Targeted Professional Development

Our professional development is specific to the KnowAtom resources teachers use in the classroom. We go beyond explaining the resources. We engage teachers in what it means to bring a next generation inquiry environment to life and allow phenomena to drive teaching and learning.


  • Online and in-person support that develops teachers’ instructional practices
  • Reflective collaboration that engages teachers as they shift to a next generation model of instruction
  • Learning walks and coaching that help educators analyze how the vision of NGSS is reflected in classroom instruction
  • Ongoing support that builds and sustains comprehensive change
STEM Teacher Professional Development
Hands On STEM Materials
Hands on STEM Materials

Hands-On Materials

KnowAtom’s hands-on materials include tools, consumables, and durables—everything students need to investigate scientific phenomena in the classroom. Each kit provides all the materials needed for its corresponding unit. No more shopping—just open and begin transforming your classroom into a next generation inquiry environment. 


  • Kitted by unit, labeled and delivered directly to your schools throughout the year
  • No materials preparation or additional purchases required
  • Yearly consumable re-supply service
  • No-charge wear-and-tear and damage replacement while under contract
*While under contract with KnowAtom.