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Student Engagement in Deeper Learning with NGSS Storylines (Free eBook)

Encouraging Deeper Learning with NGSS (1)

Get An In-Depth Look At:

  • What is Deeper Learning?
  • Unmasking Common Mix-ups: Story, Storyline and Storyline Pedagogy
  • How to Use Storyline Pedagogy Effectively for Student Engagement in NGSS Lessons
  • Storylines in Action within Lessons
  • A New Partnership Engagement Between Students and Teachers

Download this free eBook to unpack student engagement in science, NGSS storyline pedagogy, and explore deeper learning as a tool for student engagement.

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Hear what teachers, parents and students are saying:

As a parent, I am confident that my children are being taught the best curriculum, and I like that I don’t have to "park" my kid in front of a computer.

1st Grade Parent

Students transform from students to scientists. They love it because they're involved hands-on in what they're learning.

3rd Grade Science Teacher

KnowAtom teaches me about things I never knew about and it teaches me in an interesting way.

6th Grade Student