Mastering the Art of Effective Socratic Dialogue

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Who should read this eBook:

  • K-8 teacher leaders
  • School and district administrators 

Mastering the Art of Effective Socratic Dialogue

A next generation science class is all about students learning how to work with ideas, both their own ideas and the ideas of others.

An authentic Socratic dialogue leaves students with questions. Some of their questions will have been answered and others will have been refined. However, they will still have some unanswered questions, which lay the foundation of the work of a scientist or an engineer.

In this eBook we’ll cover three related topics.

  • What is a Socratic dialogue and why is it so important in a next generation classroom?
  • How can educators get students to be active participants in an effective Socratic dialogue?
  • What concrete steps can you take as coach to ensure students are making deep connections during Socratic dialogue?

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