Full-Sequence Materials for Next Generation Science and Engineering Implementation


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Learn why the most discerning teachers choose KnowAtom to leapfrog their peers.

Join us for a walk through yearlong K-8 science and engineering curriculum materials designed entirely for the new Next Generation Science Standards.

Full-Sequence Materials for Next Generation Science and Engineering Implementation

In this 1-hour live webinar, we'll discuss the following key curriculum components:

  1. Grade-level specific scope and sequencing aligned to NGSS's integrated learning goals.

  2. Lesson experiences that form 3-dimensional learning trajectories aligned to NGSS performance expectations.

  3. Hands-on materials to support teachers as they develop students' science and engineering practices through hands-on inquiry.

  4. Professional development to help shift and sharpen classroom pedagogy from teachers teaching about to students “figuring out.”

  5. Formative assessments for collecting evidence of student thinking and performance of the expectations to inform ongoing instruction.

No matter where your team is at in the adoption process, see and hear how resources truly designed for the Next Generation Science Standards support teaching and learning differently. Join the live webinar and participate in live Q&A with teacher and KnowAtom CEO Francis Vigeant.

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Who Should Watch: 
K-12 teacher leaders, leading principals, district curriculum administrators, faculty of K-12 educator preparation programs

Francis Vigeant

Francis Vigeant, teacher and CEO KnowAtom, LLC