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Getting the Most Out of Science Assessments

Worried about needing more grades or questioning the value of assessments you’re using?

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Vocabulary Check and Concept Check Guides

Worried about needing more grades or questioning the value of assessment you’ve already graded?...

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Releasing Responsibility with Accountability: Formative Learning Goals

Discover how to use the excitement of planning a science investigation or engineering a prototype...

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Student Planning Checkpoints

Do you dread releasing responsibility to students because you know time flies and the result of...

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Moving Students Beyond Sharing to Collaboratively Developing Ideas

Discover how to foster a classroom where students successfully collaborate by listening to and...

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Sentence Frames for Better Student Discussions

Do your classroom discussions often amount to a Q & A with the teacher or devolve into seemingly...

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Setting Expectations for What It Means to Learn Well with Formative Assessment

Discover how formative assessment can provide ongoing, in-the-moment insights to both teachers and...

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8 Powerful Assessment Techniques that Transform Learning

Have you ever found yourself doing all the “heavy lifting” in a discussion with your students?

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How to Ask (and Use) Better Questions to Teach Big Ideas

Discover the basics of better questioning. In this 30-minute professional development workshop...

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Scientific Discourse Question Helper

Question Helpers are key tools for helping your students navigate context, annotate, and distill...

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Creating Meaningful Access to Non-Fiction Science Text

Discover how to replace traditional pre-teaching with non-fiction Read Aloud. During this free...

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Read Aloud Resource for Next Generation Science K-8

Have you ever wondered how you could make reading even more accessible and meaningful?

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Tools for Great Remote and In-Person Scientific Discourse

Discover how rich classroom discourse offers students a way to express their ideas, reasoning, and...

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