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Timeline for the Full Release of Responsibility

Feb 25, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

A full release of responsibility to students doesn’t happen overnight, but progresses in stages from a group-think to a collaborative model to independence, in which students begin operate independently or in small teams with check-ins.

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Releasing Responsibility for an Effective Student Learning Experience

Apr 17, 2016 by Francis Vigeant

Students will not start out with the ability to use science and engineering practice skills. That’s why we put so much emphasis on a gradual release of responsibility and on helping students become independent in their use of these ideas.

We do this in the context of other disciplines – English language arts, math, technology – and by introducing students to the science and engineering practices while requiring them to function with increasing levels of independence is key to mastery. 

The tradition of siloed instruction – each subject taught on its own without integration – really has no home with NGSS. NGSS by design treats science as a basic discipline integrated with others, even at a very young age. That’s why you see these students taking on the role of engineers but using their knowledge of science to solve a problem in their own way. 

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Critical Milestones for the Release of Responsibility in an NGSS Classroom

Apr 3, 2016 by Francis Vigeant

When evaluating alignment to NGSS, ask how well the curriculum releases responsibility to students over the course of the year.

Let’s begin by asking how much time should you be spending on learning. This question is easily answered, even if the implementation is not quite so simple. 

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