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Was STEAM Involved in Picasso's Guernica?

Nov 2, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

Did you know that the Next Generation Science Standards have applications in art?

While including the arts with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEAM) may seem counterintuitive, the fact is that at their core, STEM and art have higher order thinking in common. STEAM learning is about creativity – discovery and invention – as well as analysis, communication, and critical thinking, all of which are essential to the creation and appreciation of art.

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Topics: STEM, STEAM, STEAM Curriculum

STEAM, The Arts as Engineered Communication

Sep 26, 2016 by Francis Vigeant

Understanding STEAM and the connection between art and science, technology, engineering and math is important, because the connection comes about through the exact skills that we've been talking about. Science, technology, engineering and math is problem solving and answering questions. Math is just a tool for communication. The engineering and the science, what we're talking about is the problem solving skills. We're talking about higher order skills—creating, evaluating, analyzing.

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Topics: STEAM, STEAM Curriculum

Jennifer Berkshire: Five Key Debates

Jun 28, 2016 by Sara Goodman

Nationally recognized education journalist Jennifer Berkshire discusses big questions that will continue to shape the future of K-12 with KnowAtom CEO Francis Vigeant.

"We're seeing the whole conversation around testing start to shift. The conversation around the relationship between charter and district schools is going to, if not shift, get sort of more concrete and out in the open. I think that as we have this sort of bigger debate about the future, about what kind of jobs people are going to have, it's going to be impossible to talk about schools without having a more vigorous argument about what schools are supposed to be doing." -Berkshire

In this transcript of their conversation, Jennifer and Francis discuss these Five Debates:

  1. What is school for?
  2. Should school be about adults pulling or kids pushing?
  3. What should the relationship between charter schools and traditional school districts be?
  4. How should we measure school quality?
  5. What is the relationship between schools and neighborhoods?

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Topics: STEM, STEAM, STEAM Curriculum

Dr. Stephen Immerman: Where Art, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Connect as STEAM

Mar 18, 2016 by Sara Goodman


"When we codify, we run the risk of losing innovation. That's why you see so many technical companies now hiring artists, because the opportunity to include problem solvers that potentially think differently. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand. There's no question about it. As members of society, we have a responsibility to leave the next generation better off than we found it, and I think we run the risk of losing that capacity by homogenizing and standardizing." -Dr. Stephen Immerman

KnowAtom CEO Francis Vigeant discusses the connection of art to science, technology, engineering and math in K-12 classrooms with special guest Dr. Stephen Immerman, president of Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts. 

In this transcript of their conversation, you'll read about:

• Beyond aesthetics: What is art?

• Why STEM educators are welcoming art and calling it "STEAM"

• How art education can leverage science and engineering practices

• Where you can get involved in the national movement from STEM to STEAM

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Topics: STEM, STEAM, STEAM Curriculum

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