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How Does Professional Development Shape Culture?

Dec 12, 2018 by Francis Vigeant

In our third post exploring how to develop a culture of success with the Next Generation Science Standards, we turn our attention to the role of professional development .

It is essential to have a professional development plan that positively shapes culture. This is because if you’re going to do something new, then you need to understand what’s involved in that new thing. This is true for any task, including implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.

Teachers teach the students. But who teaches the teachers and the administrators? That’s key because

 if you buy a program that you don’t understand, or somebody buys a program for you that you don’t understand, then how can you implement the program as it’s designed to be used?

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Topics: Teaching in 3 Dimensions, Next Generation Leadership, Implementing New Science Standards, Professional Development, NGSS

How to Avoid a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Professional Development

Nov 13, 2017 by Nicole Lanoue

To implement the Next Generation Science Standards well, prepare yourself for the major shifts in teaching and learning that are involved in your classroom, your building, and your district.

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Topics: NGSS, Implementing New Science Standards, Professional Development

Maximize Your Professional Development by Making It Ongoing

Nov 10, 2017 by Nicole Lanoue

The Next Generation Science Standards have changed the game by shifting the expectations of teaching and learning. Anytime somebody is being asked to change the way they do their job, you have to anticipate that that's not going to be an easy transition.

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Topics: 3-dimensions, Professional Development, productivity, Implementing New Science Standards

3 Steps to Make Sure Your Professional Development Supports Teachers as they Implement NGSS

Nov 2, 2017 by Sara Goodman

Educators sometimes underestimate the shifts in teacher practices that are required under the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Topics: NGSS, 3-dimensions, Implementing New Science Standards, Professional Development

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