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Surfing STEM with ScienceWorks!

Posted by Francis Vigeant on Jul 30, 2017

Did you know there are many aspects of the Army and Navy that use science, math, and engineering to develop new technologies? We explore some really fun careers with the military that don’t involve missiles.

See what it’s like to have a college class in the ocean. Meet the ocean engineering professor who asks students to collect data on hydrodynamic drag while surfing for science.

This STEM video is brought to you free by KnowAtom in partnership with our co-developers Award Productions. We co-developed this series called ScienceWorks! as a Discovery's Science Channel focused on how STEM works all around us! We’re offering you the video here free as a resource you may want to use in the classroom.

We’re considering adding a base of 5-7 minute high quality STEM career videos to our interactive curriculum resources and we’d like your feedback on the idea.

Please consider sending us your feedback in this quick 6 question anonymous survey.

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