KnowAtom COVID-19 Response & Resources

We're responding to the challenges of COVID-19 with concrete tools and ready resources that bring classrooms together to explore phenomena and develop science and engineering skills, whether in-person or remote.

This page is a shortcut to some of our most relevant and timely resources designed for use with KnowAtom's Next Generation hands-on science curriculum for K-8. We hope you'll find these supports helpful in advancing the quality and impact of your teacher tool kit.

We'll publish new resources regularly in the months ahead. If you haven't already, we'd encourage you to follow us on social media, subscribe to our blog, and check back often - so you're the first to know about new resources.

STEM student remote learning

Support for Remote Learning

Read our blog post with tips about how to take KnowAtom lessons remote and additional information about hands-on materials for the 2020-21 school year. This blog post is a summary of the information presented in our district guidance webinar released in July.

Read-Aloud Videos Read-Aloud Videos

All KnowAtom's reading materials and trade books are now professionally read aloud with a document camera on video so students can follow along. These videos, along with reading questions, can be accessed by teachers on the KnowAtom Interactive or through our website.

On-Demand Webinars for Teachers Free On-Demand Professional Development Webinars

We've released a series of professional development videos for teachers with tips and tools for remote learning with KnowAtom.

On-Demand Video Tutorial New On-Demand Video Tutorials

If you're new to KnowAtom or if you've taught with KnowAtom for several years, our new video sessions provide strategies and tools for carrying out the KnowAtom lesson routine remotely or in a hybrid learning model. 

  • Using KnowAtom in Remote/Hybrid Classrooms video series
  • Using KnowAtom in Homeschool Classrooms video series

KnowAtom customers can access these training videos on the KnowAtom Interactive on the Professional Development page.

Online Integrations New Online Integrations

To help facilitate distance learning with KnowAtom, we've created activity templates for each grade level for each segment of the KnowAtom Lesson routine that teachers can customize and assign to their remote/hybrid classroom through Google Classroom or Seesaw. If you don't use Google Classroom or Seesaw, you can still utilize these activity templates through your preferred learning management platform.

KnowAtom customers can access instructions and activity templates on the KnowAtom Interactive on the "Supporting Resources" section of your grade level page. Just click on the "Google Classroom/Seesaw Integration" button.