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1st Grade Science STEM Curriculum

1st grade is a year of exploration in nine units that introduces your students to physical sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, and technology / engineering & the applications of science that shape our natural world.

For example, your students will experiment in small teams to identify the properties of living and nonliving things, as well as how processes of weather and plant growth are related in the natural world.

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KnowAtom's 1st grade curriculum provides you with everything you need for young scientists to observe, experiment, and manipulate materials as scientists and engineers. Just fill out the form to download a free sample unit now.

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1st Grade Unit Titles


Unit 1:   Patterns in the Sky

Unit 2:   Changing Seasons

Unit 3:   Seeds and Leaves

Unit 4:   Animals on Earth

Unit 5:   Mimicking Plants and Animals

Unit 6:   Animal Behaviors

Unit 7: Hearing and Sound 

Unit 8:   Sight and Light

Unit 9:   Communicating Over Distances