Everything You Need for STEM Success

Teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is a puzzle of resources and requirements. Background information and experiments. Materials and professional development. The tools to help students be ready for careers and life beyond graduation.

KnowAtom Puts the Pieces Together

KnowAtom puts all the pieces together for teachers— complete STEM curriculum designed  to help educators confidently teach state and Next Generation Science Standards.

What Do Teachers Get?

Curriculum  Everything you need for a whole year of STEM instruction, guided by state and  federal requirements. Materials and methods that help develop higher order  thinking skills through evaluation, analysis and importantly, creativity.
Professional Development  No gripe sessions or vague advice, just plenty of vital support,  teacher-to-teacher discussion, best practices, and tips for engaging students.
Materials  Everything you need to teach science, technology, engineering and  math—activities, experiments, prototypes, background materials, visuals and  more. The only elements missing? You and your students.
Results  See what schools like yours are achieving with KnowAtom!

Everything teachers need to confidently teach STEM, plus time to focus on instruction.

What Can KnowAtom do for My School? What is STEM?

See the results of four schools that have implemented KnowAtom STEM curriculum in their schools, including one school that started using it then discontinued it.


We Love Great Questions

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1How is KnowAtom different than other STEM resources?

First, it’s complete: a full-year curriculum with everything teachers need to teach STEM and align with NGSS.

But even more importantly, KnowAtom is the total package in more ways than one. We’re all about mastery—not simply fostering awareness, introducing students to knowledge (like a simple textbook would), or even boosting performance. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop real skills, ask and answer questions, and solve problems, in any context. That’s real-life learning that’s transferrable from STEM to college, career and beyond!

2How does KnowAtom make science relevant?

By helping students be truly, deeply involved. We use real-world examples and hands-on investigations that teach problem solving, not just science and engineering. This builds higher-order thinking and helps teachers engage students more thoughtfully. If you ask our students though, they’ll tell you it’s fun, and if fun doesn’t get kids excited about learning, we’re not sure what does.

3I’ve heard “Art has a friend in STEM”. What’s the connection?

It’s a popular link to make—one we believe in as well. With its thorough questioning and active exploration, its creativity and rigor, and the higher order thinking skills it fosters, STEM helps us think more critically, analyze more thoroughly, and thus create and consume art more deeply.

4How will it benefit my district?

Through tailored professional development and simple collaboration. KnowAtom’s platform approach creates a common language between teachers and schools. It’s designed specifically to align to state and Next Generation Science standards, so it’s a quick and effective way to meet those requirements. And it improves student performance—most of our schools see gains in their standardized test scores. We also offer professional development workshops that help teachers create inquiry-based learning environments that really stimulate discussion and get results.

5How do you know it works?

KnowAtom curriculum is carefully aligned to state and Next Generation Science Standards and has a systematic approach that builds unit to unit. The curriculum also gives teachers the tools to test, including summative and formative assessments that evaluate understanding of both standards-specific vocabulary and bigger concepts. Read about what KnowAtom is doing in schools all over the U.S.

6What do I need to do to implement KnowAtom?

KnowAtom is unique in many way, but it’s still a curriculum and will be familiar in that respect. We do recommend teachers participate in at least one professional development session before taking KnowAtom live in classrooms, however.

7Why do you give us so many materials?

We want students to connect personally with the concepts they learn. By giving them multiple real-world tools and mixing familiar and unfamiliar materials (cups and toothpicks with multimeters and infrared thermometers, for example), students get the chance to conduct their own investigations, prototype solutions and solve problems via their own experiments. It’s invaluable, and a huge part of a philosophy that puts students in the driver’s seat by making them real engineers and scientists every day.

8Is there room for teacher creativity and skill?

Absolutely. If anything, KnowAtom gets out of the way of teachers’ creativity by giving them everything they need to prepare for class, leaving them time and brain power to think—and teach—creatively.

9Does KnowAtom just teach to tests?

No way. We bring science to life in a real-world lab atmosphere and teaching what’s relevant to students through the well-defined models for the scientific and engineering design process. This prepares students to tackle complex questions and solve problems—and that’s what raises test scores.

10How will KnowAtom prepare students for high school, college and beyond?

KnowAtom creates transferrable skills—problem-solving and higher order thinking—that carry a learner from school to college to career

11How does KnowAtom account for different learning needs?

Each unit includes clear suggestions for ways to differentiate instruction, our lab atmosphere creates collaboration, and our lessons use all different modes of learning, from visual to kinesthetic to auditory. All in all, KnowAtom offers great opportunity for personalized instruction, as students contribute individually and as part of a team. And with planning and resources taken care of, teachers have more time to engage learners individually, too.

12Is KnowAtom available in my state?

Yes. Contact us for more information about how you can start using KnowAtom in your school or district.

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