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Designed for NGSS, KnowAtom’s a Proven Success in REAL K-8 Classrooms.

Real-World Phenomena

We Use Real Phenomena to Drive Teaching and Learning. Here’s How:


Real-World Phenomena

Real phenomena are the context for every element of your class.
STEM Curriculum Resources

Complete NGSS-Designed Curriculum

From lesson plans to teacher background and assessments, KnowAtom gives you complete NGSS-designed curriculum and instructional technology for your grade level.
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STEM Curriculum Materials

Hands-On Materials

KnowAtom’s hands-on materials give every student the opportunity to learn by being scientists and engineers.
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STEM Materials
STEM Curriculum Professional Development

Professional Development

KnowAtom’s professional development and online resources help teachers and leadership teams adapt their practices to the new standards so everyone’s on the same page with what it means to teach and learn well.
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KnowAtom gets results and never goes out of date.
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STEM Phenomena

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