Community-Specific Workshops To Learn Best Practices For Leading A Process-Oriented Classroom

Professional Development

Learn about KnowAtom’s platform approach, including standards alignment, common language, and inquiry pedagogy.

Professional Development

Next Generation STEM Education

KnowAtom offers professional development workshops that are tailored to community-specific needs in consultation with district leadership to help districts train-the-trainer and implement KnowAtom curriculum. In these workshops, participants learn about KnowAtom’s platform approach, which includes standards alignment, common language, and inquiry pedagogy.

The workshops demonstrate best practices for leading a process-oriented classroom, and emphasize cross-cutting concepts that enhance core ideas. Participants learn how to use the Socratic dialogue in the classroom as a way to stimulate creative thinking and guide hands-on experimentation with an emphasis on creating capacity in students to work independently in small teams.

Process Workshops:
1. Scientific Processes
2. Engineering Design Process
3. Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Standards and Content
KnowAtom also offers four workshops that are focused on standards-aligned content. These workshops focus on the four disciplinary core ideas: physical sciences, life sciences, earth/space sciences, and engineering/ technology/applications of science. These workshops simplify concepts for the classroom to help educators translate technical ideas into a language that elementary and middle students can easily understand.

Participants learn how to transform abstract concepts into engaging classroom dialogue through modeled dialogue, example activities, and discussion of commonly used examples.

The workshops also promote teambuilding among participants by emphasizing a shared STEM platform and the importance of each team member in the process of vertically developing learners. Best practices include a process-oriented approach that incorporates next generation science and engineering into every lesson.

Content Workshops:
4. Earth & Space Science
5. Life Science
6. Physical Science
7. Technology/Engineering

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“It’s the one subject where there is always 100 percent engagement. Students are talking to each other, asking questions, and making meaningful connections with what we’re doing.”

— Jen, 4th and 5th grade teacher from Lynn Woods