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Using a 5E Instructional Model with Next Gen Science Standards Webinar

Do you know the difference between “next generation-aligned” and next generation-designed learning...

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How 3D Printing Enhances Project-Based Learning: Jason Yocum

Learn the basics of 3D printing and scanning and discover free online 3D technology resources and...

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7 Habits of Highly Effective K-8 Science Teachers

In this free 1 hour webinar we’ll discuss the simple habits highly effective K-8 science teachers...

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Identifying Comprehensive Science Curriculum

In this free 1-hour webinar we'll discuss the new approach to curriculum in a 3-dimensional...

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How Next Gen Science Really Works: Setting up for Claim, Evidence and Reasoning

Learn how to tweak claim, evidence, and reasoning models from ELA to be more successful in next...

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How To Assess Your Existing Curriculum For Alignment With The Next Generation Science Standards

Wondering how your teaching will change with the Next Generation Science Standards? Watch this...

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How to Be a Helpful Leader Without Losing Focus or Team Buy-in

Improve your leadership skills. Change isn't easy. Teachers and administrators need effective...

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Key Differences between Next Generation Science Standards and NGSS Curriculum

Wondering about the difference between standards and curriculum? We'll compare and contrast to show...

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NGSS Practices

Spend an hour learning practical strategies with a classroom-level look at overcoming barriers to...

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Are Next Generation Science Standards the Next ‘Common Core’?

Learn The Differences between NGSS and Common Core Standards

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Where to Start Next Generation Science: Budgeting Time & Resources

Learn what really goes into properly implementing the next generation science standards K-12.

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Effectively Aligning Curriculum and Instructional Resources for Next Generation Science K-12

Wonder how to meet the curriculum & instructional needs of Next Generation Science Standards? The...

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A Guided Tour of Next Generation Aligned Science Resources

Get in the know about resources available for effective STEM instruction.

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