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Strategy for Using Science Anchor Phenomena Effectively

Many schools are talking about anchor phenomena but what does it mean?

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Strategies for Implementing NGSS

A bit of strategy can make NGSS transitions easier for teachers and students.

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How to Use Professional Development to Successfully Implement NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards require that huge cultural shifts in STEM education take...

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Curriculum Pitfalls You Can Avoid with Next Generation Science

For some the difference between standards, curriculum, and assessment can be hard to define.

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Addressing Teacher & Leader Professional Development Pitfalls in the New Science Standards

Switching to the Next Generation Science Standards can be a transformative or ineffective...

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Pitfalls Implementing Next Generation Science in the Classroom

Did you know that the new science standards come with a new vision of classroom inquiry instruction?

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7 Principles of Effective Next Generation Science Implementation

What's unique about implementing science and engineering curriculum under these new standards?

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Full-Sequence Materials for Next Generation Science and Engineering Implementation

Join us for a walk through yearlong K-8 science and engineering curriculum materials designed...

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How to Design Effective Next Generation Science Curriculum

Learn the key components that make next generation science curriculum effective and how to start...

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Using a 5E Instructional Model with Next Gen Science Standards Webinar

Do you know the difference between “next generation-aligned” and next generation-designed learning...

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How 3D Printing Enhances Project-Based Learning: Jason Yocum

Learn the basics of 3D printing and scanning and discover free online 3D technology resources and...

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7 Habits of Highly Effective K-8 Science Teachers

In this free 1 hour webinar we’ll discuss the simple habits highly effective K-8 science teachers...

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Identifying Comprehensive Science Curriculum

In this free 1-hour webinar we'll discuss the new approach to curriculum in a 3-dimensional...

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