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Designing Science Class for a Growth Mindset

Join us for this free 1-hour discussion of Carol Dweck’s research on Mindset and its implications...

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New Science Standards Challenge Grit and Rigor

Learn how the new science standards represent a big picture approach to science curriculum and...

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Successful Science Curriculum for the New Standards

Learn how to structure supportive science and engineering curriculum that supports educators in...

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A Guided Tour of a Next Generation Science Unit

Introduction of the Next Generation Science Standards to K-12 classrooms across the U.S. has...

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Bringing Next Generation Science to the Kurdish Region of Iraq

This eBook shares the story of a unique collaboration for STEM education taking place in internally...

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5 Instructional Pivots Required by NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards require curriculum that allows students not only to learn and...

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How to Maximize Effectiveness by Making Science Learning Visible

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to deepen students’ three-dimensional (3D) learning in...

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How to Design Your Science Class for a Growth Mindset

With the right tools and the right mindset, the science classroom is an unparalleled opportunity...

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How to Use the New Science Standards to Develop Students’ Grit and Rigor

Grit and rigor are integral to the Next Generation Science Standards. At the same time, the...

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How to Maximize Student Engagement with Phenomena

The Next Generation Science Standards are all about students being scientists and engineers every...

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How to Prepare for Next Generation Science Assessments

The assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards will look different from many more...

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3 Key Features of Next Generation-Designed Curriculum

Curriculum is what translates the Next Generation Science Standards into a classroom experience...

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How Your Curriculum Can Make or Break Your NGSS Implementation

As states adopt and begin to implement the Next Generation Science Standards, one of the most...

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