Watch: Five Key Debates that Will Shape the Future of K-12

What is school for? I'm often struck that there isn't even basic agreement on this, even as more and more expectations are heaped on schools themselves. Is the goal to train future worker bees? Is it to produce well-rounded citizens? Is it to prepare for a future in which robots do everything?

— Jennifer Berkshire



key takeaways

What You'll Learn:

  • What is school for?
  • Should school be about adults pulling or kids pushing?
  • What should the relationship between charter schools and traditional school districts be?
  • How should we measure school quality?
  • What is the relationship between schools and neighborhoods?

About The Speaker


Jennifer Berkshire

Education Journalist and Co-host of "Have You Heard?"

As more and more expectations are placed on schools, many basic questions about the purpose of a K-12 education remain the subject of great debate.

Nationally recognized education journalist Jennifer Berkshire discusses with KnowAtom CEO, Francis Vigeant, big questions that will continue to shape the future of K-12.

Hear perspectives and stories from her travels across the country meeting public educators and community members caught in the sometimes contentious debate.

Urban charter schools that emphasize strict discipline and a very structured environment have been very successful at raising student achievement. But there's a big "but." Once freed from that culture, kids often flail, which is leading to a rethinking of the approach and a renewed interest in an approach to education (such as project-based learning) in which kids "push."

— Jennifer Berkshire