Watch: STEM Squared Summit Guest Innovator: Dr. Beth Marcus

Embrace messiness, embrace the challenge, fail easily and often.

— Dr. Beth Marcus



key takeaways

What You'll Learn:

  • About how arts and STEM are not that different
  • Dr. Marcus's higher ed experience, from building bikes at MIT to digging up archaeological findings in the West Indies
  • The products she's pioneered from joysticks to dogwear

About The Speaker


Dr. Beth Marcus

CEO, Playrific Inc.

App developer, entrepreneur and high-tech industry maven Dr. Beth Marcus shares her personal story of falling in love with science as a kid in New York City, and how that love motivated her to found a series of companies harnessing her love of STEM.

Dr. Marcus is currently the CEO and Founder of Playrific, Inc., developers of apps kids love for premium kid-facing consumer brands. She has more than 30 technology and medical technology patents to her credit, has been extensively published, is a seasoned public speaker at venues such as CES, and is a respected business/ technology consultant.

Embrace messiness, embrace the challenge, fail easily and often, and teach your children that failure is part of learning and it's important.

—Dr. Beth Marcus