Setting Expectations for What It Means to Learn Well with Formative Assessment


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Discover how formative assessment can provide ongoing, in-the-moment insights to both teachers and their students.

In this free 30-minute professional development workshop recording, we will focus on several simple techniques to formatively assess your students.

Teachers will discover how to use these techniques to continuously uncovering student thinking, skills, and conceptual understanding while clarifying their expectations for student learning. This in-the-moment insight can be used to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning across disciplines.

In this interactive session recording, we’ll learn:

  • how to apply simple formative assessment techniques
  • how to identify when each technique can be utilized
  • what teachers and students can learn (in the moment) from each technique

Learn how to use formative assessment techniques to give students and teachers deep insight into learning as it happens.

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Who Should Attend:


Teachers, Principals & Curriculum Advisors, Parents


Francis Vigeant
K-6 and 9-12 Teacher & KnowAtom CEO

Francis Vigeant has 17 years of teaching experience. Most recently he spent seven years teaching public school kindergarten through sixth-grade students science in Southern New Hampshire’s SAU 50. During this time Francis taught science with KnowAtom curriculum and materials helping to develop and refine techniques for teaching next generation science. As a result, his school experienced exceptional results in student scores and engagement. At a time when New Hampshire ranked #1 in the United States on science NEAP, Francis’ classes regularly ranked in the top 5 in New Hampshire, including first-place on the grade 4 New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) for science.