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May 24, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

Does Phenomena-Led Teaching and Learning Fit the Old K-W-L Chart?

So does phenomena-led teaching and learning fit the old K-W-L chart? Is it practical that 30 to 40 students in a room can articulate what they “know.” Is that really a useful activity? Do they even know what they want to learn, and if so, how would you even prepare for that? Moreover, how well can you really summarize that body of knowledge as a group, especially if you haven't encountered the investigative phenomena to start with?

The standard K-W-L chart, which asks students to list out what they already know, what they want to learn in the lesson and what they learned at the end.

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Topics: Phenomena-led teaching

May 20, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

Connecting Phenomena with the Nature of Science & Engineering

The “elaborating” piece of the 5Es is about students making concept-self, concept-to-concept, and concept-to-world connections, as well as relating anchor phenomena to their investigative phenomena.

Before we explore that, though, let’s define anchor phenomena, which are complex, real-world situations. They can be investigated in the classroom through an investigation that students or student teams have planned, and are a way of encountering just a thread of often much more complex ideas.

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Topics: Phenomena-led teaching

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