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KnowAtom's New Interactive Supports Teachers in Next Gen STEM Education

Sep 7, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

Summer is winding down, which means that most educators are back in the classroom.

I’ve been meeting with STEM teachers and curriculum planners about using KnowAtom in their classrooms. It has been so inspiring watching all of you dedicated educators as you prepare for a new year of engaging students in the creative, analytic, and evaluative forum that is science education.

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Topics: 3-dimensions, Middle School Science Curriculum, Elementary Science Curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards by Grade Level: From Elementary to Middle School

Mar 26, 2017 by Francis Vigeant

Of course, phenomena plays out a little differently depending on the age group, so let’s take a moment to explore what it looks like in early elementary, elementary and middle school. At an early elementary level, the complexity and the modality are muted and simplified, respectively. At an early elementary level, the teacher would most likely read aloud instead of giving students individual reading material because, obviously, most kindergartners can't read yet. As they plan investigations, they may do so in a more visual and verbal than what a 4th grader would be doing in a blank composition notebook.

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Topics: Next Generation Science Standards, Middle School Science Curriculum, Elementary Science Curriculum

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